LucED - The Lucid Editor
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This is the home of LucED, the Lucid Editor. LucED is an open source text editor with a graphical X11 user interface. Although the program is in its early development stage, you are welcome to test the current development snapshot.

The principal aim of the LucED project is to develop a text editor with the following features:

  • A simple and minimalistic, but powerful user interface that is similar to the NEdit text editor, but does not depend on Motif
  • Embedded Lua programming language for scripting and configuration
  • Powerful regular expressions using the PCRE library
  • Syntax highlighting configurable via regular expressions, similar to the NEdit syntax highlighting but with the enhancement to use arbitrarily nested patterns
  • Fast and responsive user interface: e.g. syntax highlighting is done in the background and does not freeze the user interface, special handling to achieve fast keyboard repeat rates
  • No dependencies on high-level widget toolkits in order to minimise the requirements for the operating system

LucED is written in the C++ programming language.

To get a first impression, you may

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